The truth is, most businesses are set up for a NO when it comes to corporate sponsorships. But we’re about to change all of that right now and set you up for one of the most lucrative passes to cash flow (to the tune of $22 Billion in sponsorship money that’s yours for the grabbing) there is out there…

Sponsorship Magnet

The only program that reveals the 4 must-know steps to make your brand irresistible to sponsors

You’ve wanted to get corporate sponsors for your live event, radio, podcast, or your brand but when you’ve asked for the money:

  • They say they’re interested, but in the end back out because of “budgetary reasons”.
  • You’re asked to provide a helluva lot more info and data than you thought you would need…and when you provide it, you still get a no.
  • They say no from the get-go without cause – no explanation, nada.
All of this isn’t because your business isn’t sponsorable. It’s because you’re probably not set up for the yes that only 5% of small business owners are getting access to.

I want to change that problem yesterday, and get that cash flow into your business now.

Especially since all of your business activities have been bootstrapped by you – leaving you tight on cash with little left over to properly scale your business. Corporate sponsorships can be one of the ways you can transform this reality.

See, there’s a process that works that most people are not working to their advantage. In fact, what’s really happening is you’re probably only focusing on one thing – writing the proposal to get the sponsorship and calling on sponsors.

And yes, that’s part of the process, but it’s not what’s going to get you the sponsorship. Shocker, right?

The straight truth of the matter is, you have to work the process from end-to-end to get those dollars due to you.

You’ll set yourself up for the YES if you’re willing to do what’s needed before, during and after the sponsorship pitch.

There are 4 must-know steps that are everything to getting the influx of sponsorship cash you want to grow your business and brand to massive proportions:
  • Understand exactly what corporations are looking for and what will turn them away
  • Create powerful marketing materials that make them say yes NOW
  • Know what to charge and what to say when you meet with them
  • Know how to wow them once they say yes so they say yes again next year


When you master these 4 must-know steps, you’ll not just start to seriously pique corporate sponsor’s attention, you’ll become a

Sponsorship Magnet

Finally, a real conversation and course that helps you grab a piece of the $22 Billion pie available in corporate sponsorships!
Here’s what you receive when you grab your seat in SPONSORSHIP MAGNET. You receive 4 power-packed modules that will make your brand attract major attention and action:
Module 1: Power Positioning of Your Brand
  • How to spotlight your email reach, social network and track record in the most effective way
  • Leveraging media and former clients (and sponsors) that show off how sponsorable your brand is
  • Extreme clarity around your audience and demographics that align well with your target sponsors
Module 2: Crystal Clear Communication Strategy
  • Developing a brand message so compelling, they can’t help but want part of the action
  • Knowing how to approach decision makers and create solid relationships with them that keep you top of mind during budgetary season
Module 3: Magnetic Marketing that Screams Sponsorship-Worthy
  • How to create an investable marketing plan that demonstrates how your audience is perfect for the sponsor
  • My proprietary “Investment Level Formula” that tells you exactly what price points make sense (rather than pulling a number out of your hiney)
  • Creating unique online and offline ideas that make the sponsor shine and shows them you’re willing to do the work to make the most out of their investment (read: show them you’re motivated to have them win)
Module 4: Pro Planning for the Predictable Yes
  • The end-to-end planning process that will give you the edge and have you ready for any question or curveball thrown at you by the potential sponsor
  • Comprehensive list of resources you want to make sure you have secured to help support the sponsor relationship
  • A checklist of all predictable expectations that the sponsor may have, including how to wow them after the event concludes so you’re set up for another yes, and another one and another one.
  • Forever access to these modules
  • Exclusive Bonus—My Powerful Pitch Script that will walk you through step by step exactly what to say when you meet with sponsors that get many to a one-call close. (My private clients pay top dollar for this)
  • Unlimited Q & A access in the private Sponsorship Magnet Central Facebook group.
Do you want access to what most don’t have access to and finally get those sponsorship dollars due to you?

Join me and access my years of experience being on both side of the sponsor fence in

About The Trainer
About Your Trainer Shayna Rattler has earned her distinction as the Corporate Attraction Coach™ by empowering thousands of small business owners over a 10+-year business career. As a coach, consultant, speaker and author, Shayna has developed and taught tried-and-true strategies, which have enabled small businesses and corporations to connect and prosper together, resulting in hundreds of key sponsorships (Shayna prefers to call them “partnerships” because that’s what they really are) and millions of dollars in profits.Small businesses and corporations have a common desire to work together and can accomplish great synergistic results by doing so effectively. However, finding the right partnerships is often challenging for business owners as well as corporations. Helping small businesses access the most optimal way to connect is what she truly enjoys. Business owners working with Shayna become “business-ready” for corporate partnerships and are set up for success for sponsorships. She wants you to have access to the best way to fund your business!

But don’t take let this web page say how valuable this program can be for you, listen to these real recipients of this industry-leading content:
Shayna Rattler’s corporate sponsorship strategies have taught me the effective ways to create a partnership opportunity presentation. Before working with Shayna I did not know where to start. Now, I have 5 meetings on my calendar and already landed one sponsor to launch an upcoming event.

~Kimberly Thomas

Shayna has given me insight plus useful tools and strategies to pitch to corporate sponsors with confidence. Her messages are always clear and to the point. No FLUFF just real FACTS that bring real results. I have restructured my proposal packages in order to include my newfound information.

~Sierra Rainge

Here’s what’s real.

I hear from many of my clients that getting corporate sponsorships can be stressful. It doesn’t have to be. It just takes a keen eye on prioritizing what can get you the highest probability of yes – and I’ve given it all to you in Sponsorship Magnet
The actionable information and implementation steps you’ll learn in this course will help you land corporate sponsorships quickly, whether you’re trying to get a $1,000 sponsorship or a $100,000 sponsorship. And guess what? Most businesses I work with can get themselves in position for a YES in about 90 days!!!!

Here’s exactly what you receive when you invest in SPONSORSHIP MAGNET:

I. 4 Power-Packed Modules that Set You Up for Sponsorship Success 

Module 1: Power Positioning of Your Brand

Module 2: Crystal Clear Communication Strategy

Module 3: Magnetic Marketing that Screams Sponsorship-Worthy

Module 4: Pro Planning for the Predictable Yes

I. Forever access to these modules

II. Exclusive Bonus — My Powerful Pitch Script that will walk you through step by step exactly what to say when you meet with sponsors that get many to a one-call close. (My private clients pay top dollar for this

III. Unlimited Q & A access in the private Sponsorship Magnet Central Facebook group

This guided course is for you if:
  • You’re ready, able and willing to do research, plan and take action even when you don’t have all the answers.
  • You’re willing to put yourself out there with messages and pitches that will be refined and optimized as you get better and recognized more in the industry as a sponsorable brand.
  • You are willing to get active in this process and do a bit of work. There’s no secret sauce handed in this course, just real results based on best practices.
  • You want real money and cash flow based on the hard work you do for your brand.
This guided course is NOT for you if:
  • You don’t want to do the planning required to make this system work
  • You think corporate sponsors will hand you bags of money just because you have a meaningful message.
  • You’re not willing to make the marketing moves directed by your coach.
  • You think this is an overnight process instead of what it really is, a course on how to build visibility and credibility of a brand that magnetizes corporate sponsors.
So I will ask you again: are you ready to gain your piece of the $22 Billion pie available for brands like you?
If you are saying

I’m going to make it so easy you’re going to hardly believe it. And I’m going to back it up with a solid gold guarantee. (more on that in a minute)

The value of Sponsorship Magnet is easily $1997. Imagine the ROI you will receive from implementing just one of the sponsorship uplevels I’ll teach you in this course?

I would say that you can’t afford not to find out. Because I know like I know that too many business owners are throwing money at activities that can’t help them secure the cash flow that comes from corporate sponsorships.

And I’m making it part of my mission to change the game. And I want to make it an easy Yes for you to choose this course, just like I want those sponsors that are waiting for you to have an easy YES for you.

So, for those of you ready to take the next step and completely transform the sponsorship experience for you and your business

I’m offering Sponsorship Magnet for only $497.

If you’re ready for new funds and new growth, join us in Sponsorship Magnet.

Yes Shayna I’m ready to be a super-magnet for sponsors to find me and fund me!

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Let me make it easy for you to say yes with something I’ve never done before:
My Solid Gold Guarantee
Sponsorship Magnet contains the absolute best practices for gaining visibility and investments from my favorite revenue source: CORPORATE SPONSORS. All of the information taught to you in the course is based on tried and tested techniques I have personally implemented for clients like you. I’m confident you’ll love what you learn and will be able to take action immediately once you learn these techniques. So much so, I offer you my Solid Gold Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just email me within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Yes Shayna I’m ready to be a super-magnet for sponsors to find me and fund me!

One Time Payment (Best Value)


Two Payments

$297 x 2

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