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Media Bio

Shayna Rattler is a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and influencers scale their business; using a lucrative, yet misunderstood source of cash flow and leverage–corporate sponsorships.

Shayna is the creator of the Sponsorship Magnet Method™, a framework to help small business owners access the $22 BILLION pie (budget) available, but not being accessed, by small businesses enough today. This is what differentiates Shayna’s expertise from others who teach influencer marketing and sponsorship. Her premise is you can access cash flow for your business based on what you’ve ALREADY created, without an event, sales funnel, or launch.

Her best-selling book, Secrets to Landing Corporate Sponsorships, outlines her proprietary framework. That, coupled with her 15+ years of experience has resulted in hundreds of partnerships and millions of dollars in profit. She’s helped clients like Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols and influencers known only in their niche.

Shayna is a 3 time published author and has been featured in over 250 media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Enterprising Women, and Black Enterprise. She’s available to provide fresh insight on topics including scaling your business, accessing cash flow through corporate relationships, and leveraging influencer marketing to reach more people.

Scaling Your Business

  • Debunking the myth of doing more in your business and discovering that leverage is the key to ultimate sustainability
  • Using social media as a scaling strategy, not just a marketing strategy
  • Increasing revenue while not increasing expenses–corporate sponsorships do that for you
  • New money doesn’t have to come from new ideas–experience profound growth from what your company has already mastered.

Increasing Cash Flow

  • Stop fighting for the same consumer dollar, when business-to-business is where the real money is.
  • Corporate Sponsorships–the most underutilized yet well-funded source of cash flow available to small businesses today.
  • How to land corporate sponsorships when 95% don’t know how to ask for the money

Leveraging Influencer Marketing

  • The real definition of Influencer Marketing: It’s not what you think
  • How corporations can get better access to new audiences through influencer marketing
  • How entrepreneurs can set themselves up as a win-win partner with top corporations
  • Getting paid for endorsements and product reviews are not the same as corporate sponsorships

In addition to major media, Shayna has been interviewed on the following podcasts…


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