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Corporate sponsorship is a $22 BILLION per year industry!

Corporate Attraction™ produces robust, integrated sponsorship and influencer marketing programs that connect Top Influencers with Corporate Brands.

This is for YOU if:

  • You currently self-fund your programs and events OR avoid these initiatives all together due to lack of cash flow.
  • You are an influencer that consumers already follow and admire.
  • You are aware it’s time to add corporate sponsors to take your business higher but you lack the information and relationships to make it happen.
  • You want to rapidly elevate your revenue in a way that other marketing strategies cannot.

Top 5 Reasons Influencers Should Consider Corporate Sponsorships:

Stop self-funding your dream–events, programs, book launch and tours. Improve your overall impact and income by leveraging with big name brands Tap into one of the most lucrative revenue streams, with the ability to scale Elevate Your Income without creating anything new Create massive visibility with key brand alignment

We develop profitable partnerships that deliver results through the following services:

Sponsorship Development and Sales
Sponsorship Research & Strategy Development
Sponsorship Proposal and Deck Creation
Sponsorship Sales & Contract Negotiation
Account Management & Fulfillment

Why Choose Us?

We have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the sponsorship and marketing industries that allows us to harness cutting-edge strategies that garner results.

We have a combined 20+ years of marketing and sales experience, and an extensive network of influential relationships, coupled with the intelligence and data of the real-time spending habits of today’s consumers and brands. Our expertise has resulted in hundreds of key partnerships and millions of dollars of new revenue.

How We’re Different

We go beyond simply advising you on HOW to secure corporate sponsors. We are a full service agency that develops and manages your sponsorship opportunity from strategy development to successful contract negotiations, and everything in between. We’re not a PR firm, but we do love to work with them.


  • Lisa Nichols, CEO, Motivating The Masses
  • Etan Thomas, Retired NBA Player and "The Activist Athlete"
  • Steve Harvey
  • Create Powerful Profits and Leverage Today!

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      What Others Are Saying:
    • I wanted to land corporate sponsors but I did not know where to start, what to offer, or charge. After working with Shayna 1:1 for 90 days and implementing her framework, I scheduled 8 meetings with potential sponsors and closed 3 of them, securing $125,000! Melanie Strong, Business Trends, Inc
    • I hosted my first conference this year and Shayna secured 2 corporate sponsors for the event. While working with her she worked with me to create a strategy, communicated with me frequently and managed the entire process in a way that gave me extreme confidence in her abilities. She really knows her stuff. We have already began to work on securing sponsorships for next year. Nicole Roberts Jones, Fierce Factor Lab
    • Shayna Rattler’s corporate sponsorship strategies have taught me the effective ways to create a partnership opportunity presentation. Before working with Shayna I did not know where to start. Now, I have 5 meetings on my calendar and already landed one sponsor to launch an upcoming event. Kimberly Thomas
    • Shayna has given me insight plus useful tools and strategies to pitch to corporate sponsors with confidence. Her messages are always clear and to the point. No FLUFF just real FACTS that bring real results. I have restructured my proposal packages in order to include my newfound information. Sierra Rainge