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Corporate Attraction™ produces robust, integrated sponsorship and influencer marketing programs that connect Top Influencers with Corporate Brands.

This is right for your brand if:

  • Your goal is to drive brand awareness, engagement and conversion that reaches millions of people worldwide.
  • You currently rely solely on company-generated and user-generate content to connect with your audience.
  • You recognize that traditional forms of advertising and media are not cutting through the noise in the marketplace and “commercial avoiding” technology.
  • Event sponsorship in isolation has yielded little to no return on investment for your marketing dollars.
  • You want to work with Influencers, but you don’t want to use your internal bandwidth or resources to find them, vet them and create an effective strategy

Top 5 Reasons Corporations Should Consider Sponsoring Influencers:

Drive brand awareness and spread your message through the reach of the influencer Establish brand integrity, trust and loyalty Create powerful relationships Contribute to the advancement of communications at large Influence the buying decision of potential consumers by engaging with the influencer’s audience in ways that logo placement alone cannot

We develop profitable partnerships that deliver results through the following services:

Influencer Marketing
Sponsorship Matchmaking
Sponsorship Strategy
Research and Insights
Brand Activation
Activation Tracking & Reporting

Why Choose Us?

We have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the sponsorship and marketing industries that allows us to harness cutting-edge strategies that garner results.

We have a combined 20+ years of marketing and sales experience, and an extensive network of influential relationships, coupled with the intelligence and data of the real-time spending habits of today’s consumers and brands.

Our expertise has resulted in hundreds of key partnerships and millions of dollars of new revenue.

How We’re Different

We take a different approach to your marketing strategy for traditional event sponsorship and introduce you to our comprehensive, amplified content and influencer marketing program. By connecting your brand with our portfolio of the world’s most relevant influencers, it exposes you to a 360 degree activation channel to your target market both online and offline through rich and engaging content, digital marketing, and media more directly, organically and to scale. We’re not a PR firm, but we do love to work with them.


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      What Others Are Saying:
    • While at Susan G Koman I hired Shayna Rattler’s company as sponsorship agency of record. She was great to work with and she delivered on what she promised. She worked diligently to meet deadlines and revenue projections. What we were most pleased with was her ability to create an out of the box strategy to help make us stand out from other organizations that were seeking sponsorships from the same companies. We were extremely pleased. Mark Lichter
    • Shayna conducted a strategy day with our marketing team and as a result we were able to identify which influencers would best support our goals and create a strategy that corrected the costly mistakes we were making with influencer marketing. Nancy Lott, UPS