You DO NOT have to have all of the answers to get a sponsor to say YES!

Many of the clients I have worked with in the past have all of the information they need to reach out to sponsors but get stuck because they think they have to have everything figured out and they are afraid their potential sponsor will say no to their opportunity if it's not "attractive" enough. Let's… Read more

Get Your Foot In the Door. Don’t Get Your Toes Smashed!!!

Have you put a lot work into building a nice proposal or sponsorship letter only not to get a response in return? Would you like to talk to potential sponsors about your opportunity but have no idea how to get the meeting or what to say if you do? I have you covered... Today I… Read more

Corporate sponsors are worth more than money…

The money we make as entrepreneurs can be do amazing things for us. We can give our kids a great life. We can buy awesome stuff. We can experience freedom. But most of us are in business for more than the money. Partnering with corporate sponsors can do so much more for your brand that… Read more

No Event Needed to Get a Heck Yes from Corporate Sponsors

When most of us think about corporate sponsors we think of getting checks for our events. Unfortunately much of the info that other sponsorship experts teach is inaccurate and outdated. Contrary to what you believe or have been told you DO NOT need a live event to land large checks from big companies. In today's… Read more

How Would You Like NEW Revenue for Your OLD efforts?

What revenue stream are you aware of that does not require you to create something new, often from scratch? As we advance in our business the last thing we really want to do is launch another course, produce another event or optimize another funnel! Check out today's video where I share how corporate sponsorship is… Read more

What will a corporation sponsor?

Did you know the majority of influencers and small business owners are ALREADY sponsor ready? You're able to leverage anything you've built to get you to where you are right now. In today's video blog I share with you some of things that a corporate will pay to have access to. And guess what? It… Read more

Is Your Business Too Small for a Corporate Sponsor?

You're already aware that corporations spend BILLIONS of dollars every year in sponsorship. But you may be questioning if this strategy can REALLY work for you. Many business owners and influencers count themselves out before even giving the strategy of corporate sponsorship a fighting chance. They tell themselves that they are too small or that… Read more

Wanna know how to get past the gatekeeper???

After you position your brand to gain the attention of your dream corporate sponsors and decide what to offer them, you must master the best way to get a meeting with them so you can pitch your opportunity. There will be times you are approaching the decision maker directly and other times you'll have to… Read more

Do NOT skip this step if you want corporate sponsors…

Corporate sponsorship is one of the most lucrative revenue streams available to influencers and business owners today. In fact, it is the only revenue stream you can tap into that does not require you to create anything new. Unfortunately, much of the advice available for how to go after this new money is inaccurate and… Read more

3 Ways To Get Sponsors To Notice You

Corporations want to sponsors BRANDS, not fly by night I have a business card but no business type of folks. Here are the top 3 ways to get corporate sponsors to pay attention to your brand: Have a clear, defined target market.  This is important because if their goal is to reach more women and… Read more