Corporate sponsorship is one of the most lucrative revenue streams available to influencers and business owners today. In fact, it is the only revenue stream you can tap into that does not require you to create anything new. Unfortunately, much of the advice available for how to go after this new money is inaccurate and… Read more

3 Ways To Get Sponsors To Notice You

Corporations want to sponsors BRANDS, not fly by night I have a business card but no business type of folks. Here are the top 3 ways to get corporate sponsors to pay attention to your brand: Have a clear, defined target market.  This is important because if their goal is to reach more women and… Read more

Corporate Sponsors Are Worth More Than A Check

There are many benefits to co-branding with corporate sponsors. Obviously checks are cool but they can also give your brand more impact and influence in the marketplace.  This blog is all about the 3 different kinds of sponsors and what each can mean to your business. Monetary Sponsors. Monetary sponsorship is the traditional "check in… Read more

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Santa Claus To Your Potential Corporate Sponsors?

Christmas happens year-round when it comes to sponsorship... Your corporate sponsor has a wish list. Your job is to find out what is on it and show how sponsoring your stuff gives them the gifts they desire. Inside of corporations, certain goals are being set and sponsoring your brand can help them meet their goals… Read more

What Sponsors Are The Best Fit For Your Brand?

All corporate sponsors are not created equal.  All corporate sponsors are not the best fit for your brand. There are, however, MANY that are on your level. Depending on how long you've been in business, the level of authority you have in the marketplace, etc., the Fortune companies like Coca-Cola and Best Buy may not… Read more

Is It Too Late To Get A YES From A Corporate Sponsor?

Forgive me for using the "B" word----BUDGET!!!! Most of us hate talking about budgets but you need to bear with me for just a moment if you're wanting to get a piece of your potential sponsors budget... 85% of corporations are on a calendar year in terms of their budget (meaning it begins in January… Read more

Where Do Corporate Sponsors Hang Out?

If you want catfish, you need to be fishing in rivers and lakes, not oceans.  The same goes for meeting folks inside of corporations.  If you want sponsors, you need to be fishing where they swim. The places you've likely been networking is only putting you in front of other small business owners and entrepreneurs. If… Read more

What Will A Corporation Sponsor?

So you want corporate sponsors? What exactly should you offer them? I jokingly say, "If it's legal, it's sponsorable."  Now don't rush out and put your first born child up for auction, as tempting as that may be (wink).  However, the bottom line is that your corporate sponsors want ACCESS and EXPOSURE to your target market… Read more

The Power C’s of Events and How It Can Land Your First Corporate Sponsor

Attending events is one of the best ways to spend your time as a business owner, especially if you're looking to land corporate sponsors. Here's why: Content. What you can learn at an event can be critical to your personal and business growth. I highly recommend that you attend events that the content is teaching… Read more

2017 Is The Year Of YES!!!

Here's what I know---what got you here won't be what gets you there! The economy and marketplace is shifting and the inevitable changes headed our way requires more than incremental progress, they demand fundamental reinvention. To succeed in the coming years you will be required to rethink not only what you do but also how… Read more