We perfectly match big brands with the best Influencers.

In a fast-paced world with lots of marketing clutter, the perfect match of brands and influencers create a visibility and profit win/win.

Corporate brands and top influencers (whether it be business leaders, social media influencers or celebs) need each other—this is a simple fact in business. The mutually beneficial relationships forged between the two are some of the most important drivers of greater success for all parties involved. In fact, Influencer Marketing is the most overlooked, powerful strategy available today.

When a perfect match is made, the results are exponential. Brand + Influencer alignment create more visibility and revenue in the marketplace for you. Clients often report effective Influencer Marketing strategies as the SINGLE most important strategy they use.

So why does something so amazingly beneficial (and seemingly simple) have to be so complicated? With Corporate Attraction™, it doesn’t.

Shayna Rattler acts as the liaison between big brands and top influencers, helping both sides position themselves to appeal to the best potential partners and create more powerful partnerships and greater profits.  Shayna and her team use Corporate Attraction™ training programs, consulting and influencer representation to help find, vet and create your right match.


Why Choose Us?

We have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the sponsorship and marketing industries that allows us to harness cutting-edge strategies that garner results.

We have a combined 20+ years of marketing and sales experience, and an extensive network of influential relationships, coupled with the intelligence and data of the real-time spending habits of today’s consumers and brands.

Our expertise has resulted in hundreds of key partnerships and millions of dollars of new revenue. LEARN MORE

“Simply put we are the match.com of sponsorships and influencer marketing”

How We’re Different

For Influencers we go beyond simply advising you on HOW to secure corporate sponsors. We are a full service agency that develops and manages your sponsorship opportunity from strategy development to successful contract negotiations, and everything in between.

We’re not a PR firm, but we do love to work with them.

For corporate brands we take a different approach to your marketing strategy for traditional event sponsorship and introduce you to our comprehensive, amplified and influencer marketing program. By connecting your brand with our portfolio of the world’s most relevant influencers, it exposes you to a 360 degree activation channel to your target market both online and offline through rich and engaging content, digital marketing, live events, and media more directly, organically and to scale.

"The most cost-effective way to get your message out in the world is Influencer Marketing."

Shayna Rattler is the ultimate go-to matchmaker for top brands and influencers. As CEO of Corporate Attraction™, a global consultancy based in Dallas, Texas, Shayna has spent over a decade working with corporations, entrepreneurs and influencers of all shapes and sizes to create perfect alignment between brands and talent for not only effective brand representation, but increased visibility and profit.

An expert in understanding what makes you incredibly attractive to corporate sponsors, Shayna also created the exclusive training program Sponsorship Magnet™, uniquely designed for business owners and up-and-coming talent who want to learn how to land corporate sponsors.

Her clients have included international best-seller Lisa Nichols, media star Steve Harvey, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and big brand corporations like UPS, Delta Airlines, State Farm, and Mary Kay International.

Shayna has been featured in over 250 media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Enterprising Women, and Black Enterprise. In 2012, she was the recipient of the National Association of Professional Women Woman of the Year for her industry.

Her mission is to forever change the way that businesses in America market and prosper. Read More

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